Being a full-time working Mother and Wife is hard. Then throw in a music tour and its crazy. But thanks to Unlimited Social Media, I didn't have to worry about promoting my Tour. They did all for me, all the post , all the photos/videos - All Handled!! I couldn't be happier and of course the tour was a huge success and almost all my shows were sold out. I have them to Thank!

Jessie James, Country Singer / Wife and Mama

I started in 2010 when my own child was diagnosis with Autism and I wanted everyone to see just how normal they are in my eyes. I started off with Close Friends and Neighbors and because of the promotion I ordered it grew to nearby towns. I work with Special Ed children and I couldn't be happier. The amazing families I met because this company helped me accept that just because you are different doesn't mean that you aren't amazing. You can do whatever you out your mind to! Thank you!

Kevin Newsome, Special Kids Photographer

Great Company to work with, they handle all the social media marketing and promotion.



Meek Mills, Rap/ Hip Hop Artist

I just started selling for this amazing company Lilla Rose, It was easy selling all their amazing jewelry to all my family and friends but after that it started to die down. I thought that was it , all this beautiful jewelry I had was going to just sit in my house. NOPE I ordered promotion and within a week I was back to selling $500 worth of jewelry in one week. Now I'm a top seller, all thanks to this amazing company!

Jenny Shair, Lilla Rose