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So Who Are We? What Do We Represent?

We are a team of dedicated graphics artists, social media marketing experts and well of course RockeNauts! We are constantly creating, upgrading, improving and learning. Everyday we connect with new people and enjoy the rewards of assisting others on there paths to success.

We represent musicians and companies that need a constant better than great service. We provide a no hassle rewarding Marketing service. We understand the importance of our company and our clients projects, so we tackle every task from a personal perspective. ''Oh yeah this time... it's personal''


2010 - Unlimited LLC Was Established

2011 - A Little Baby Soundcloud Rocket Was Born!

2012 -Leading The Industry With 1st Page Placement On Google.

2013 -We Expanded And Merged With UnlimitedSocialMedia.Com The World Has Never Been The Same...

2014 -We Launched Soundcloud Rocket v3 At The Time, The Most Innovative Soundcloud Marketing Service. Featured On Over 700 websites!

2015 -Playing In The Big Leagues. In 2014 Soundcloud Rocket Tm & Unlimited LLC Secure Several Major Contracts With Elite Record Labels.

2016 -Inspiration Is Never A Shortage When Powered By Rocket Fuel. Again In 2016 Soundcloud Rocket TM Has Proven To Be The Most Reliable, Highly Sought After Soundcloud Marketing Service In America & Europe By Launching Soundcloud Rocket V.4 (Project Rocket Boy). The Most Cutting Edge User Inspired SoundCloud Marketing Platform.

2017 - UnlimitedSocialMedia.Com and SoundcloudRocket.Com combine into one powerhouse website for all your music promotion, social media marketing and graphic design needs. We are constantly evolving to better service you more conveniently.

Our Services

Dedicated To High Quality And Superb Customer Service.

Since the very beginning we have vigorously aimed for exceptions marketing services and building connections with our amazing clients. Over the years we have evolved to what we are only because of our clients. We sincerely thank all of our partners and clients.

Exceptional Communication - Customer Service
Reliable Effective Services
Free Consultation 24/7
Pure Fire Filled Energy

Contact us today to get started, one of our representatives will be awaiting to answer all your questions. Need a custom package? Weekly Or Monthly? Contact us we can accommodate any request.

''If You Believe , You Can Achieve''. - Napoleon Hill


    We have been in successful business for over 6 years we are not an over night company winging it. We are a true tried, tested and vigorously growing company. Our products, services and customer support defines reliability and excellence. Clients from all over have praised us for having better customer service than most companies they deal with on the daily basis. We use our expertise from every angle possible to help all our clients see the most success from there projects. Our company has paved the way and set the bar so high you will be hard pressed to find another company that can keep up. The countless amounts of amazing people we have helped over the years, have become top earning youtubers, signed recording artists, successful entrepreneurs and more. We know what it takes to build and create substantial income online and in the real world. Our team is fully engaged in your projects as if there own, we will communicate and learn from you in every applicable aspect in order to maximize the efficiency of our work. Our goal is primarily to help others succeed because in all honesty thats our business. We get paid to help you reach your goals and we will do exactly just that. From graphic design, search engine optimization to social marketing and video production expect only the best of the best. Try us today or contact us to further discuss your project. Cheers!